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Drea Darc

Drea Darc is a Rnb, Pop, Hiphop band from London, ON and looking for New Fans


I grew up in a Christian Home where everything seemed perfect , I was so Naive....when I was 9 years old I saw my younger brother (Josh was around 7 or 8) lose his eye and it impacted me more then most people will ever know ...traumatic for me to say the least... My whole life my Father was in and out of the hospital and I never understood what was going on until it all came out when I was 13 years old that my Father had Hep C from shooting up drugs when he was younger My Mother freaked out and took off on us and had an parents would try to work it out and I would stay up at night trying to fix things for them and meadate their fights...I was 16 years old when we found out that my Father needed a Liver Transplant...and when I was 17 ( I am 30 now) My Father had a Liver Tranplant....not long after we found out that his new liver was rejecting, things were rough after that watching my Father fight hard to stay alive....but on Jan 12 2004 my Father lost his fight (now let me say this my Father and I were so close he was an amazing man that changed his life....just made some bad choices when he was 19)...My Mom and Dad did stay together right till he passed and they loved each other more then ever....thank goodness he did not have to be alone. (LET ME SAY MY FATHER WAS A GOOD MAN & I HAVE FORGIVEN HIM and I HAVE FORGIVEN MY MOTHER AND WE ARE CLOSER THEN EVER SHE IS MY ROCK.....) To rewind back a bit in October 2003 my younger sister (Aimee) had a seizsure and cracked her skull and was on life support and Thank God is alive and doing well today ...but that incident took a toll on everyone in the fam and for sure on my Dad...and that was when we really saw him start to fade...well for me anyway earlier in the summer I really noticed he was not doing well.... Fast Forward....After my Fathers Death...the grief from losing my Father was horrible pain I never could have imagined...until May 28th 2004 only 5 and half months after my Father passed away my older Brother only 26 at the time Took his precious Life...we were shocked, horrified...and it turn me inside out. Dealing with the Suicide of Chad...has been crazy, and still to this Day I get so messed about is confusing on so many levels! Since then I have been dealing with Post Traumatic Stress, Depression, Grief and Anxiety... Some positives that happened after my Fahter and Brothers Deaths: - I got Married to my best friend Jeff we started dating December 1999 and we were married on May 20 2005 and have been together ever since! -I also in that time went to school and became a Child and Youth Councellor Graduated August 2007 and have been working at the School Board here in London, Ontario Canada as an Educational Assistant with Developmental & Behavioural Child & Youth...It is a great, challenging, rewarding job! -Also in that time I had a Beautiful daughter named Brooklyn born December 16 her so much... **NOTE*** I did not love my pregnancy... I had Gestational Diabetes that caused me to gain 100lbs and I was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syncrome two years ago and I am at high risk for Diabetes, Heart Disease and more...I struggle to keep my weight down! I recently found out I have GallStones and have been very sick on and off since January 2011 going to be having my Gall Blader removed .....which I did have removed on October 25 2011 unfortunately it was 8 days before my Brother in Law Conan passed away due to complications from Cancer & treatment he was 34 (we found out beginning of September that he had Cancer, he passed Nov 1st) He left behind my SIster Aimee his beautiful wife (27) my Nephew Vincent 6, my Niece Sienna heart aches for Conan for all of them for all they had to endure and I miss him everyday! So what does this all have to do with Music...well music is emotional...and it helps us connect with who we are, where we are from, what we have been through, where we are going next and how we can and will get to where we long to be! SO my story is very important to my music, my Original music is all about my life experiences....they are real, they are true, and emotional! Music History: I grew up singing in Canada at a very young age, in church, plays, at high school events, contests and in 1999 with a Local Hip Hop group the Lo Kreepaz. In 2001 she started writing and recording. From Jan 2004 till Jan 2009 I pretty much could not sing it was too hard on me emotionally...only at an event here and there...but finally I started doing covers from Jan 2009 til April 2011 and then I started writing my own music again and started recording it as well! Then I started to find me again...and I could breath again and be free! I have returned to music, to singing, writing and recording, and entering more competitions then I ever imagined I would after quite a few years out of the industry! I am really starting to feel it all coming back check back often for new music and updates! Drea Thank yous: " First I want start by thanking God for the strength he provides me, of course my amazing husband Jeff who has stood by me through since Dec 1999, and My beautiful daughter Brooklyn (Born Dec 16 2007) who inspires me to be strong and to love like I have never loved before! She is my heart, and my world! I love you princess! Of course all the love and support from family and friends!I love you all you mean so much to me! You give me so much strength! I am finally able to sing and write again. It is helping me to release some emotions and thoughts that I have locked away since my Father and Brother's deaths! I thank God and all my family and friends for your love support and for encouraging me and not letting me give up on my dreams! I love you all so much! Lots of amazing things happening and lots of wonderful things to look forward to! I can't wait to see what God has planned for me next! " Much Love Drea

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