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POLARITY from 2012 to Beyond

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Live4Life @ The Red Rooster
The Legendary Red Rooster Vintage Cafe


POLARITY is a Alternative, Indie, Rock band from Mississauga, ON


POLARITY: The presence or manifestation of two opposite or contrasting principles or tendencies. This definition reflects our new album released in July of 2011. We embrace duality finding inspiration in the uncharted and often frightening truths of self found deep within the human psyche. With our new release we ask patience from our listeners. Our songs allow you a moment to breath and linger in a state of melodic limbo, listen for harmonizing guitars and painfully insecure lyrics. Once you’re comfortable and before you know it you’ll find senses exploding with pounding rhythm, powerful rifts and strong yet vulnerable melodies. We formed in December of 2008 and released our debut album in October of 2009. Global Entertainment magazine described our first album as going 'basement gold'. 2010 saw us touring to the East Coast of Canada, and in the three and a half years since our bands birth our motto of ‘every show counts’ is clearly visible from our list of past shows. We’ve played over a hundred shows in and around the GTA, and have loved every stage and audience in the process. Like most unsigned bands we manage all aspects of our band independently and continue to do so. In the upcoming months you’ll find us back in studio recording a few more songs, and releasing a music video. This summer you'll find us in our van touring the country exposing Canadian audiences to our progressive style. POLARITY; The positive or negative state in which a body reacts to a magnetic, electric or other field. This definition sums up all we hope for from our listener. We ask that you give into our moment and allow yourself to feel the magnetic pull of Polarity, allow the electricity of our instruments to course through your body and embrace the positive or negative reaction you have to the field of music we create.

Band Members

Vocals: Jasmine
Guitar: Jason Swait
Guitar: Michael Sitana
Bass: Mike Smith
Drums: Eric Zimmerman

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Mafiot wrote Mar 24/12
YEEEEEEEEE MY BOYS AND GIRL!! ROCKIN IT HARD EVERYWHERE!!!! just did a 2 hour drive for work and blasted through your CD twice with mikey :) do not stopp!!!

POLARITY wrote Sep 02/11
Thank you everyone for all your votes for August. We may not have won but we've made a big footprint nonetheless. If you still think we deserve to be on 102.1 The Edge, request our song "Tug of War" on the edge, and you're always welcome to drop a vote from time to time

swfandave wrote Aug 25/11
Keep Rocking Polarity!
Your live show is KILLER!!!

POLARITY wrote Aug 21/11
Wow. 259! Thank you so much everyone for all of this support. We're so grateful you've been taking the time to vote for us daily. If you guys dig what you hear, we're playing at Lee's Palace on Friday August 26th. We're playing with Lost Innocence, who is also in the top 10 here on Indie Online. We're all crossing our fingers... 11 days left!!

Jason-Ryan wrote Aug 12/11
I'd like to mention that we currently have 69 votes. That in itself is a pure win!

POLARITY wrote Aug 12/11
Thank you everyone for all the support! We love you all and we hope our four years of grinding the club scene in Canada will now pay off :)

Maddog83 wrote Aug 10/11
Polarity is the most under-rated band in Toronto!

HomeByEleven wrote Aug 09/11
Here's Monday's vote, and this is the first day of the three day vote on our other site, Please help us get to the Ex August 23rd by voting including supercharge the vote to make your single vote count as three. We have a three out of eight chance of playing this event with your help.

Thanks in advance for the help,


gmacd89 wrote Aug 01/11
These guys are awesome! Put on a stellar show every time!!

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