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soul auction is a Metal band from Nestleton Station, ON and looking for A Recording Deal
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New songs
POSTED ON Jul 03/13 | 820 VIEWS | 0 COMMENTS
the band has been working on new songs getting ready for the next big show. thanks to all the fans for the almost 130,000 hits to the Soul Auction page. Sweet
New Singer
POSTED ON Feb 26/13 | 848 VIEWS | 0 COMMENTS
The band is stoked to have Rory on board as the new vocalist for Soul Auction. New tunes are sounding heavy and the band looks forward to playing some shows starting in May 2013. Thanks to all the support we have received from Supernova fans worldwide...
100,000 and counting
POSTED ON Oct 27/12 | 962 VIEWS | 0 COMMENTS
Thanks so much for all the support from the fans of for the band SOUL AUCTION. This is a great milestone reaching over 100,000 profile views. The band is working with new vocalist and will be recording new material along with merch f...
Soul Auction @ The Hard Rock Cafe Toronto
POSTED ON Sep 28/12 | 371 VIEWS | 0 COMMENTS
Soul Auction is calling all metalheads to come to The Hard Rock Cafe in Downtown Toronto on Friday November 2nd 2012. This show is going to be insane with the debut of the bands new line up. If you like your music heavy then come out and mosh with the...
Welcome to MOSHAWA
POSTED ON Sep 06/12 | 305 VIEWS | 0 COMMENTS
See 5 Heavy bands for 5 bucks Sept 7, 2012 @ the Atria in Oshawa, ON. Fallen Legion / Dead 3 Days / Darkness In Aurora / Soul Auction / Avarice
New interview with the boys from Soul Auction
POSTED ON Aug 06/12 | 277 VIEWS | 0 COMMENTS
This month will feature the boys in the band in their second supernova feature. Thanks to all the people that have viewed the bands profile for a total of 75,000 hits. Once the band reaches 100,000 the new EP and tour dates will be posted. The support...
SOUL AUCTION @ Canada's Wonderland Live.
POSTED ON Jul 11/12 | 294 VIEWS | 0 COMMENTS
Vote for Soul Auction to play Canada's Wonderland in August. The fans have kept the boys in first place all week. With your vote you can help the band. Cheers and thanks for all the support.
VOTE for Soul Auction
POSTED ON Jul 08/12 | 301 VIEWS | 0 COMMENTS
The band SOUL AUCTION needs all the fans on to VOTE and put the band on stage @ Canada's Wonderland in August 2012. Please go to the link and don't forget to supercharge your vote and make it count as three votes. Go to http://www.supern...
The Debut show of Jesus.
POSTED ON Jun 30/12 | 343 VIEWS | 0 COMMENTS
Forgot to mention that, last night in Hamilton was a first for the band Soul Auction and also the debut show for the bands new drummer. Jesus (Mike). @soulauction on twitter. Help welcome Jesus to the band and show some support for local metal at the ...
The Doors Pub Hamilton
POSTED ON Jun 30/12 | 340 VIEWS | 0 COMMENTS
Thanks to all the crazy metal fans from the Hammer for head banging to the sound of Soul Auction last night at The Doors Pub. Hope to play some more shows for fans in the future. See y'all in the pit on Friday July 6th @ The Atria in Oshawa. Help the ...