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The Bloody Five is a band and looking for listeners:
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The Bloody Five LIVE AUDIO @ The Drake Hotel
POSTED ON May 06/13 | 822 VIEWS | 0 COMMENTS
A LIVE recording of The Bloody Five's performance at The Drake Hotel, Toronto for Elvis Monday on a Tuesday, April 23, 2013.
The Bloody Five on SPIRITLive Ryerson RTA Radio
POSTED ON Mar 30/13 | 872 VIEWS | 0 COMMENTS
Thanks to Nathan Bieman, Sam Brodati, and Tom Schenck from The Golden Horseshoe for having us on the show! Here's the link:
The Bloody Five on Musiclynk Radio York Region
POSTED ON Feb 07/13 | 903 VIEWS | 0 COMMENTS
Thanks Pat and CK for having us on your show on Musiclynk Radio! We had a great time!!Friends and fans can check out the podcast here:
The Bloody Five on Riot Radio, Durham Colllege
POSTED ON Nov 11/12 | 635 VIEWS | 0 COMMENTS
Thanks Rob Halmasy for featuring The Bloody Five on CanCon101, Riot Radio, Durham College - November 05, 2012.Check it here: Special thanks to Allissa Longstreet.
The Bloody Five - LIVE -Indie Week Review!
POSTED ON Oct 29/12 | 486 VIEWS | 0 COMMENTS
Thanks so much to Tiffy Thompson and Toronto Music Scene for giving The Bloody Five a report card we don't have to hide from our parents! Read the review of our Indie Week show at Sneaky Dee's here:
BestFan.Com Toronto Soundscapes: The Bloody Five
POSTED ON Sep 09/12 | 718 VIEWS | 0 COMMENTS
Thanks kindly to Faustine Pelipel for the review! Friends and fans can click here to check it out: BestFan.Com  Toronto Soundscapes: The Bloody Five
Alan Cross: A Journal of Musical Things
POSTED ON Sep 03/12 | 523 VIEWS | 0 COMMENTS
Thanks so much Juliette Jagger and Alan for posting about our new album! Friends and fans can read the post by clicking here:Alan Cross: A Journal of Musical Things
POSTED ON Aug 25/12 | 542 VIEWS | 0 COMMENTS
The Bloody Five perform at The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern this Friday, August 31 to celebrate the release of their debut full-length album, Unreleased 2012. Read the release here:
POSTED ON Jul 27/12 | 556 VIEWS | 0 COMMENTS
Thank you all fans for the ongoing support!The Bloody Five's debut full-length album, Unreleased 2012, featuring cover art by RUNT, is available here: are offering fans our current featured single, Track 02-"T...
Interview with Indie Roundtable's Jules and Gid
POSTED ON Jul 15/12 | 481 VIEWS | 0 COMMENTS
Check out the audio podcast here: